Alison & Hugh’s
Handmade Things

Handmade historic replicas for then... and now.

Based in the Marches between England & Wales, we, Alison & Hugh Milton, make historic replicas of furniture, hats, leather work, textile tools, baskets, wax candles, and all manner of strange and varied objects.

Hugh's hands

Hugh works in wood; not just that, he really, really loves wood. His favourite wood is ash, but he also uses oak, beech, birch, fruitwoods, elm etc. (in fact any wood).

luscious yarns

Alison works in wool and leather; she really, really loves wool. With wool she makes historical hats based on examples in museums, images, documents, archaeological reports and effigies.

Three leather bottles

The leatherwork she makes is based on museum collections, archaeological finds, documents and images.

Much of our work is for museums and historic sites, but we also make for reenactors and for the general public. We do not have a shop: our sales are either at markets and events or orders/commissions.

Furniture and Boxes

Wooden boxes with iron hinges Carved wooden brackets Ornate carved wooden chest Partially completed wooden boxes A quern stone stand and matching stool A sewing box A spice box St Fagans Llys Rhosyr kitchen table St Fagans quern stone stand The St Fagans table outside Llys Rhosyr A carpenter's tools


Leather belts Archer's bracers Breughel pouch A large medieval pouch with interior pockets Large medieval pouches (with pockets) Large medieval pouches in a range of colours Leather frame pouch Mary Rose bottles Ludlow goatskin pouch Ludlow pouch Mary Rose pouch Needle cases Newport Ship bracer Pouches Red pouch Small 15thC wallets


Grey Henry VII style hat Grey rolled brim hat Grey Tudor bonnet Gunnister hat Light grey Tudor bonnet Red and blue flat-top hat Red flat-top hat Red split brim hat